We are a collection of

Data Enthusiasts 

At RadicalShift, our goal is to transform your organization into a Data Driven Enterprise.  We do this by listening to our Clients needs and partnering with them to produce world-class solutions.  

At RadicalShift, we build a Community of Self Service Analytics through training, mentoring and collaboration.

Meet The Team

Tim Cady

Practice Lead

Data Visualization

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My journey with data visualization began in 2014 as I searched for ways to automate and re-imagine existing reporting and process. Having a background in journalism, communicating with data became a topic I was particularly passionate about.


Tableau was one of the tools that jumped to the forefront and quickly redefined how I viewed data. Since then, I have leveraged data visualization as a gateway to other data analytics tools and skills.


Having previously worked in an enterprise-level Center of Excellence, I am driven by teaching and enabling others to understand and communicate with their data.

Joey Ramos

Managing Partner

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I was first introduced to Tableau in 2014 and it literally changed my life. It re-ignited the passion I had for data and for problem solving.


Shortly after, I left my employer to focus on self-service analytics 100%. It's the best decision I

've ever made personally and professionally. 


 I have transformed organizations into Data Driven Enterprises. 


Making people better is my passion. Helping you and your team is my goal. Shoot me an email or connect via LinkedIn. I'm listening.

Daria Voronova

Practice Lead

Data Enablement

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 I’ve been working as a Tableau Reporting developer for several years across the finance, retail, advertisement and automotive industries .

I have helped clients to organize self-service analytics environment and train users on how to use Tableau reports as a data-exploration tool. What inspires me at work is when I help others to tell stories with their data, optimize and improve business decisions based on the insights I provide with data visualization.


I focus on educating and inspiring organizations and aspiring in visualization individuals on how to use Tableau as a core tool to reveal insights and tell a story behind their data.

Simply put WE LOVE DATA!​